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Tea Regions

Tea Regions

From plateaus of the Himalayas Camellia Sinensis has spread along the great rivers of the region.

The success of tea in the primary countries of origin, China and India have very different stories but both share the incredible story of how tea has become the most widely consumed and enjoyed prepared beverage in the world.

Sections In Tea Regions

China Tea Facts

China's cultural and geographical diversity means that there are a seemingly endless range of tea varieties. One of the striking aspects of China's tea industry is that almost all the tea prod...

China Tea Facts: Fujian

Fujian is one of the largest producers of tea, as well as being home to some of the most renowned teas in all China. With almost 80% of Taiwanese being able to trace their ancestry back to Fujian it is little wonder that ...

Yunnan Tea Facts

Located in the South West mountainous corner of China, Yunnan is blessed with some of the most beautiful countryside. It is home to a large number of ethnic minorities making for an extremely colourful province. Some of the larger, more well known ...

India Tea Facts

After Europeans discovered tea in China, the British took tea plants to India in order to cultivate and develop an alternative source for the growing European appetite. India is now one of the World's largest tea producers and home to some delightf...

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