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Tea Facts

Tea Facts

Tea is entwined in many countries histories and daily routines. The second most consumed drink after water, it is found in many forms throughout the world. For many it is just a drink that may be even taken for granted, for others it is a way of life that is celebrated and is highly valued in many ways. Tea has been the cause of many battles but also created trade and dialog that has altered many a perspective. It can be used to cool those in the sweltering heat of long summers but has also sustained and warmed those in the freezing cold of mountainous regions.


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Herb facts

Herb information and fact sheets

Making Tea

Preparing tea varies hugely from the complexities and refinement of Chinese & Japanese 'Cha Dao', where years of training are necessary to fully understand the nuances of tea. Gong Fu Cha Yi, tea art, is much more than just a way to prepare tea...

Tea Types

One of the wonders of tea is that is there are so many different types. It can be very daunting approaching what teas to try. Here Wan Ling gives you an introduction to the key tea types and then delves into some of the well known and n...

Tea Regions

From plateaus of the Himalayas Camellia Sinensis has spread along the great rivers of the region. The success of tea in the primary countries of origin, China and India have very different stories but both share the incredible story of ho...

Tea Equipment

Tea cups, tea mugs, tea spoons, tea pots, tea strainer, tea cosy, tea trays; each culture has developed there own tea tools in which to store, prepare and enjoy their tea. Some tea wares are purely practical, other are as an expression of the society...

Tea Health

Tea as with other health aids will only help as part of a healthy lifestyle; it cannot work as a miracle cure on its own - especially when biscuits are consumed with your cuppa. Over 160 million cups of tea are e...


Wan Ling Tea House tea galleries will hopefully give you a further insight in to the world tea. The galleries cover everything from people drinking tea in their daily lives through to step by step pictorial looks at how tea is produced around the w...

Glossary of technical terms

Throughout our site we try to provide as much information as possible about our products and their benefits for our health and well being. At times this means there are technical terms and phrases that are not used in common vocabulary and will requi...

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