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Bulk Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea

Bulk Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea

Bulk loose tea wholesale solutions for start-up and growing tea shops, tea rooms, coffee suppliers, hotels and other businesses looking to exploit the growing loose leaf tea business. Tea of a quality and type determined by your budget and specifications without the food miles and guaranteed origin authenticity.

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Large sealed packs, ideal for repacking and reselling. Wan Ling Tea House has order level MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) rather than individual tea MOQ giving you the room to buy small batches of more unusual teas along side your core range. Expand your offering and tea menu without the risk of constraint on your cashflow. Our bulk loose leaf wholesale range taps into our presence on the ground in China. Whatever the Chinese tea you are looking for we will aim to source a grade that is suitable to your price and quality expectations.

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Provenance, traceability and that feeling of sourcing as direct as possible are all important parts of the tea business. All too often teas are bought through Australian or UK tea merchants who in turn have bought from a tea merchant else where in Europe or Australia. Minimise third party mark-up and instead funnel that money into quality that sets your business above the rest.

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Want to see first hand where your teas are coming from? Come and visit us. From Shanghai we can visit most of the key producing regions of China, plus you have the support of our network to be able make the most of your visit. Tours of individual regions can be arranged to take advantage of optimal seasonal festivities and harvests giving you access to an experience not often enjoyed by those outside the circle. Expand your knowledge and passion with an experience you will never forget.

Take the next step to a great source of carefully selected loose leaf teas direct from China. Contact Wan Ling Tea House Australia today to see how we can work together to make your business even more profitable with a range of fascinating tea products.

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