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Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A

Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A

Our Jasmine green tea pearls have a divine aroma. Each individual pearl is hand made from the finest green tea and jasmine flowers. This jasmine pearl tea is sure to be a regular in your cup.

Beautiful, clear, pale liquor with a naturally sweet and refreshing taste. Enjoy the Finest Jasmine Green Tea Pearls - the pick of the harvest.

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Year and season of Harvest:   2011 Spring

Description of packaging:   Aluminium re-sealable pouch

Product weight:   50g

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 5

Robert Page, Rated this as: 5

Best ever!...

This is the most delightfully fragrant jasmine tea I have ever had. You could use it to perfume your house.

Anonymous, Rated this as: 4

This is really good!...

I've been drinking this for a couple of days now and I find it's lovely.
It's a refreshing brew which lasts for quite a few top-ups.

Lee Bishop, Rated this as: 5

Beautiful Aroma...

Not only does this tea taste great, but it has a wonderful aroma too!
Comes highly recommended.

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