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Australian international tea expo 2017 golden leaf awards.

The results are in from the Australian golden leaf awards 2017! Once again we are proud to announce Wan Ling Tea House has been rewarded for our efforts for consistently delivering high quality tea.

From six teas entered we have walked away with seven awards, a testament to the hard work and skill of the entire Wan Ling Tea House team. A special thanks though needs to go out, to our friends and tea mentors James and Wan Ling for their passion, skill and tireless pursuit of quality in all things tea. Thanks guys.


Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea - 2013  (Dark)

Gold in category

Best overall Oolong

Cansai JiPin Yin Wan Autumn 2015 (Light)

Gold in category



Lao Man Er Sheng Puer 2013

Silver in category

Ji Di Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2014

Bronze in category

Lao Man Er Shu Puer 2013 

Gold in category

White Tea Single Origin

Organic Silver Needles

Silver in category

More news soon on how you can try these award winning teas coming soon.


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