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This is the place to find out all the latest information about the Wan Ling Tea House Australia Team, the Australian online tea shop, along with updates about our Tea Events and other adventures.

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Our tea articles pages are another great resource to get an insight into the Wan Ling Tea House team's tea travels, tea stories and more.



Tea, Diet, and Way of Life

For many of us, the word "Diet" evokes clear, often strong associations. It reminds us of an expanding waistline and things we can't or shouldn't eat. It has not always been so. "Diet" originally...   Read More...

Refreshing Aromas of Fine Jasmine Teas

"Nothing more refreshing." Quote by Glynn Christian, UK food critic, on our Grade A Jasmine Tea Pearls The balmy evening breezes of summer carry the sweet smell of jasmine flower. On the ...   Read More...

green tea and health

There seems to be an ever growing weight of scientific evidence out there, to support the claim that "tea is the planets healthiest beverage”. Let’s couple this scientific evidence, with over fou...   Read More...

Beyond the teabag: why whole leaf tea is better

There are many great tea related websites on the internet, the team at Wan Ling Tea House enjoy reading and often engaging in the chats and discussions. Recently we came across the article Beyond th...   Read More...

TaiPing townTea travels: AnHui - TaiPing (2012)


Gary: New to Tea (pt2) - The beginning of my education

Continued from part 1 - Gary: New to Tea - An Aussie's introduction to tea The beginning of my education A week passed quickly in Hong Kong, my wi...   Read More...

Gary: New to Tea - An Aussie's introduction to tea

Continuing our new tea to tea series, one of our customers from near Sydney in Australia agreed to write about his tea journey. Here's Gary's story: ...   Read More...

Clare: New to Tea - My tea journey

Six months ago my normal response to being asked if I would like a cup of tea would have been "milk and no sugar, thank you". All that changed when a friend of mine asked if I would like ...   Read More...

Tea travels: WuYi mountains tea trip (2011)

James and Wan Ling recently travelled to Fujian to source some new season teas and to attend the WuYi tea festival. The annual tea festival brings together many of the regions tea p...   Read More...

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